Logotipo Cláudia Araújo

Hand-loom within
a brand new context

Claudia Araujo Tecelagem Manual began its work by researching and using natural fibers together with differentiated patterning techniques, in addition to the knowledge of weavers from the State of Minas Gerais.
This search for the new together with the lack of threads in the market, as well as the essence of the design – which prioritizes the use, maintenance, durability and aesthetics – outline the path of the company.


By using the creative research of raw materials from among the most diverse materials as a base, new innovative products that were made with unprecedented threads such as the waxed “rami” arose, which is commonly used to tie coffee sacks, or the “piaçava” that comes from broom factories, or even the banana fiber.
The re-contextualization of the most diverse materials, including fibers that were seen so far as residue and thus discarded as design options, always directed the development of products.

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